Sunday, July 31, 2011

no configuration file found and no installation code available. exiting...

Yesterday i was installing joomla here. First i pasted the joomla installation files on server & extracted that folder. I have already created database cause i know at the time of installation it asks for the database details. After that i opened the url in a browser for further procedure. After all installation removed installation file. When i try to see the joomla site, saw this error message " no configuration file found and no installation code available. exiting..." but there was a configuration file & installation folder which i had deleted. I opened cofig file & check the database details into the file. Database details entered, during installtion procedure were not updated into cofig file(permission 644) thats why it was showing error. Finally i corrected file with database details & it worked. A simple way you can rename the file configuration.php-dist to configuration.php. A browser tab was opened with the search list of this error, after finishing my work i try to search for the solution where i could not get easy & exact answer even on joomla forum also. So i have posted regarding this. Hope this helps somebody..


  1. how to do that where i will get that file i am new to joomla thats why asking

  2. Can you please tell what you have done so far so that I can suggest you accordingly.